Pack with style (By Pamela) / by Camille Côté

 I had dreamed of seeing the world and in Spring 2010 I made it a reality when I became a Flight Attendant. I have so far flew approximately 7200hrs for work only, which would be the equivalence of visiting Hong Kong 240 times or 480 times to Paris, that’s without counting my multiple personal travels. Hours of planning where, when and with whom became a routine. How many times per year could I travel, quickly evolved into how many times per month could I make it happen? It turned addictive and exciting, that same feeling I got the very first time I deeply felt in love, like nothing could ever stop me! From day walk in NYC to dinner in Montréal…everything was possible! The world was in my hands and here’s what I learned from it:  

Photo - Élisa Côté / Model - Pamela Lavoye

Photo - Élisa Côté / Model - Pamela Lavoye


#1. Pack smart.


 Packing light is the key. I lifted that heavy suitcase of mine many times and it just reached a point where I thought “is this worth it?”. And that is the exact moment when not only the way I was packing but the way I was shopping changed. I made my travel and everyday life so much easier, imagine waking up every morning with the perfect clothing combination but I’ll come back to that a bit later.


#2. Spend wisely.


The one thing you should never cheap on is definitely your suitcase. This item becomes your second home and your most reliable travel companion. A good suitcase will survive a life time and save you further travel complications such as broken handles or wheels. Spending wisely also means to invest in great quality clothing you’ll know you’ll be wearing over and over again for years to come, just like that classic cigarette cut jeans your mom got back in the 80’s and then became you staple item after she gave it to you with all her heart. 

Photo - Élisa Côté / Model - Pamela Lavoye

Photo - Élisa Côté / Model - Pamela Lavoye


#3. Have it all.


 Never compromise style for comfort because you can actually have it all! The perfect outfit combination for me is always comfy, easy to care for and elegant. I simply go with monochrome colours and cotton material. This way I am comfortable on long hauls and ready keep on going without changing upon arriving at destination. One of my go to since I started travelling regularly is all black with leather shoes, stretchy ripped jeans, oversized sweater, a big scarf that double as a blanket and a wide black hat.


 The first Camille Côté's hat I got was The Original model. Black, sleek, with a design I had never seen before. I obsessed over it but the traveller I became was concerned by the idea that if it couldn't join me on a trip, it would never be worn. Bought it and loved it! This hat got the look of a full brim but with a cut off back, that meant I could finally keep my shades and hat on, throw a scarf around my neck, sit back, relax and enjoy the flight! I had finally found a hat of great quality, that I could carry around easily and would always remain beautiful. On one of my trip to Montreal, Camille Côté agreed to meet me at her studio for a little adjustment on my new hat and that’s when I saw a part of her upcoming collection she was currently working on. I spotted a cute white cap made in linen and cotton, the Train Model. Compact, flexible and very feminine since the visor isn’t as long as usual. I had to be patient since it wasn’t on the market yet but got it right on time for my travel to Morocco. Rolled it and packed it in my small backpack! That cap probably saved me from multiple sunburns and was the perfect camouflage for my dirty traveller’s hair. I would wear that cap at day time while hiking and exploring but will dress it up in the evening with a black sleek tee dress.   


Photo - Élisa Côté / Model - Pamela Lavoye

Photo - Élisa Côté / Model - Pamela Lavoye

 It took me a few years, lots of patience and testings but a hat simply became the item I can't travel without, not only for the traveller in me but also on my everyday journeys. If only those hats could talk, they would probably tell you all about the people I came across, the beautiful sceneries I’ve seen but also reveal my most intimate secrets whispered late a night drinking an old fashion around a candle light in one of my favourite bars.

Cabrera Noir

L'original Camille Côté*

Élégant chapeau à larges bords 100% en feutre de laine.

L'ouverture au dos comblé par l'élastique, convient parfaitement aux déplacements en voiture ou en métro et reste en place sur la tête par temps plus venteux.

  • Fait à la main à Montréal.
  • Offert en noir et vert forêt.
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