10 BEST HOLIDAY GIFT FOR HER (By Ebonie)  / by Camille Côté

Christmas shopping can be hard (and stressful). We all want to make sure that our friends and family feel loved but we also don’t want to break the bank, am I right? So take a look at this list for some inspo because there’s something on this list for everyone!

Photo via polyvore.com

Photo via polyvore.com

1 - Reading socks

Because who doesn’t wanna be all cozy by a fire with your feet all toasty. Whether it’s a Netflix day or a book and tea day… everyone loves cozy socks. 

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2 - A knitted sweater

Not only are oversized sweater super popular right now, but they are also so versatile. A nice sweater is the perfect gift for every women on your list. Worried about the fit? Size up for a baggy look that is sure to fit!

Find it here  Simons

3 - Red Lipstick

Although red lipstick isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, one thing is for sure — at some point or another every woman wishes she had one. And although they might not want to buy it themselves, your girlfriends will always be grateful for a gifted one!

Find it here  Lise Watier

4 - A Candle

It may seem old-fashioned but nicely packaged candles are back and they are all the rage. First of all they smell so lovely! Second of all they add ambience to any room and they’re a great way to show you care about their personal well-being.

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5 - A Mug

The perfect item to go with the cozy reading socks, this is a great gift for any tea, coffee, hot chocolate or latte lover. A mug is great for a sentimental gift that wont break the bank.

Find it here  YYY 

6 - A Scarf

Blanket scarves are practical, comfortable, cheap and one size fits all! All you have to do is find the perfect colour.

Find it here  Allcovered

7 - A Purse

I know at first glance this may seem like an unconventional gift but a cute, neutral medium-seized purse is practical, stylish and something everyone needs.

Find it here  Anoukis 

8 - A Magazine

Whether your friend loves fashion, food or weddings — there’s a magazine that suits everyone! Buy her one and package it nicely or buy her a subscription to make her feel loved this holiday season.

Find it here  Molto

9 - Jewelry

Jewelry is always the perfect Christmas gift. Whether it’s a  minimalistic ring or a customized bracelet, keep it minimalistic or go all out… it’s totally up to you and what you think she will like!

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10 - A Print

These are the perfect gift for a friend who likes art! Wrap up a print, a photo of both of you and a frame as the beginning to an incredible (and cheap) collage wall!

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Ebonie Walker 


Hi, I’m Ebonie. I am 20 years old, I am an aspiring traveller, I am a lover of social media and I am a fashion enthusiast.

I am a lover of social media… particularly Instagram. I like how technology has developed and allows us to keep in touch with everyone that we love at the touch of a button. 

I am an aspiring traveller. I think travelling is such a great way learn and grow and although I haven’t been able to do much of it, it is definitely on my bucket list. I think fashion is such a unique way to express yourself. I believe it’s the first thing someone gets to know about you and it’s the first impression you make on someone without saying a word. In a world where you are constantly being judged for things you cannot control such as race and gender, I appreciate the fact that my clothes allow me some choice in how people get to see me. I love that fashion is ever-changing and a reflection of culture. It embodies society in such a special way and for that reason, my appreciation for fashion continues to grow.